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Town portal and potion
02-09-2022, 09:20 PM,
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Town portal and potion
Hi, I am trying the bot without Zhi Pei tool for pindle and eldritch runs. There are some issues needs to be solved.
Firstly I could not figure out how the bot checks Town Portal. It always decides that without portal and buys town portal scrolls. I have tome in the inventory which is full. Town portal skill is assigned to F5, configured in D2rassist bot tool accordingly. I even tried putting some scroll to belt manually before running bot but still it cannot find the portal scrolls.
2nd thing it constantly drinks potions in fight. My life isgood, mana is good but it still drinks all of the belt. I tried different threshold in bot settings but can't figure it out.
Another issue is while with paladin, trying to teleport to pindle but probably teleport first time to wrong place. That's why it doesn't move, but thinks it is already at the temple. Starts casting hammers but outside not near pindle. This frequently happens. 
Appreciate if you can advise
02-10-2022, 08:48 AM,
Post: #2
RE: Town portal and potion
I figured the teleport issue is due to random path option. Once disabled pathing is ok. 
However still cannot figure out while it drinks all mana and healing without needed during fight. 
I tried changing legacy and resurrected keyboard setting but did not help

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