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9.5.5 Bugs
01-09-2022, 10:20 AM,
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9.5.5 Bugs
Just some bugs I found
Setup is with a hammerdin
*alot of the time it wont teleport to lower levels when going for andy, and ends up playing out the sequence to kill andy at the cat2 wp, eventually exiting back to the lobby.
*once at andy the bot teleports you near andy then decides to use bc/bo while being attacked by andy.
*with meph the bot dosent teleport close enough to meph, which gives my merc a chance to run up to meph making him stay out of the range of my hammers making me unable to kill him.
*my start/stop timer dosent work (didnt work on 9.3 either) i can select 10pm start/11pm stop time and as long as it is in between those times it will start straight away, but it wont stop on the stop time and just continues to run until i stop it myself. also it wont start up at set time if the time is before the start time.

hope this helps for next update

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