Jieguan d2r bots logo

D2R Take Over Bot featured Jieguan

Jieguan D2R Bots Baal Runs

Take Over Jieguan full feature

try jieguan lite before getting full

more than 30 bosses & dungeons

customize the auto farming

Enhanced security

easily farm enough items to pay for itself in a few days

Easy visual config interface setup

User security focus

Best security in check

auto relog ability

skip monsters based on immunity

Jieguan d2r bots logo

Take Over D2R Bot AKA JieGuan

Use config editor to setup visually and with timer

API once available gives ability for custom scripts

quick stash function

auto ID items and gambling vendor interaction

auto questing clear all acts in record time

30+ Bosses & all Acts

Clears all enemies on path to bass

Soon to auto quest clear each act difficulty

farm any area chests mania

choose your class spell setup

farm bosses in a group or solo

all in one d2r bots & d2r hacks

d2r maphack with Chicken

Auto healing yourself and merc

packet casting and traveling

Easy D2R MapHack Setup

Windows OS Compatible

Hands free d2r botting

Safe maphack

24/7 live chat

Advanced d2r hacks

Auto traveling d2r scripts

Full in game map reveal plus enemies and line to navigation

constantly up to date with patches quickfix

Zhipei d2r bots logo

D2R Automation Zhipei dominant tool is more than a maphack with no bans


d2r hack features: auto travel, auto heal, chicken & more from our d2r bots

tele pickit item grabber

safest d2r maphack with no bans

auto travel to waypoints, bosses forwards or backwards

auto heal and chicken settings with mercenary optional
Injection d2r hack that stays hidden after launch with also warden tripwire to prevent ban traps.
zhipei usage gif
Zhipei D2R Bots Map reveal

Restore your playing ability

D2r Accessibility for handicapped player

The go to choice for anyone who lost full mobility in their arms or hands that cannot play as a normal gamer would, we provide assistance with the ability to automate healing, leaving game if health low, and quick navigation. For handicapped players this is a dream come true

Never miss any d2r item drop

D2r pick it teleport item grab

Our item grab functionality that utilizes a simple pickit list based off the list of item codes customizable for your own pickit for d2r.

Jieguan D2R Bots Teleport Pickit